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WWE battleground 2016 PPV Theme Song Announced

WWE battleground 2016 theme song download : WWE battleground 2016 is going to be more exiting and awesome than ever beacause of the matches announced and feuds involved with this pay per view. In this post we are going to provide you to download theme song and announcement of this year's WWE battleground Theme song.

Theme songs are a part of WWE PPV's since long time. Each of the WWE pay-per-views feature a special theme song sung by popular musicians.And this year is no different.So let's get youpumped by announcing the song.

WWE battleground 2016 official theme song

WWE Official theme song for battleground PPV 2016 is :

"This is War" by The Phantoms

This is war is song officially announced by wwe and sung by the phantoms which is very good band. And the title of the song exactly resembles to the theme of the pay-per-view.You can watch th song directly on youtube here.

Also check : WWE Battleground official Poster

Download wwe battleground 2016 official theme song

WWE Battleground 2016 official theme song can be downloded here from this link : Download 'This is war' by The phantoms .  Download it and enjoy the music :)
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WWE Battleground 2016 Poster Revealed Featuring John Cena

WWE battleground 2016 Poster : WWE Battleground is a pay-per-view event by WWE going to held on 24th of july 2016. Battleground 2016 is going to be very exciting because of the matches announced and are going to be announced. Matches announced so far are triple threat match for WWE championship between Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Here in this post we are gonna finally reveal the OFFICIAL POSTER of WWE Battleground 2016. And can you guess who is featuring in it, Roman Reigns? Dean Ambrose?? Noooo, Its The JOHN CENA....

So, talking about the battleground 2016 PPV its going to be held in Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. and fans can buy tickets from official WWE website. Here is the link in case you couldn't find :

WWE Battleground 2016 Final Promotional poster

Here is the final poster of WWE Battleground 2016 PPV

Source : Wikipedia
So, if you want to download battleground poster to your computer, you can simply save by right clicking on the poster and clicking 'save image as' and then after choosing path you can save it to the computer.Thanks for reading. You can drop your thoughts about the poster in comments.

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WWE Battleground 2016 Pay per view Match Predictions

WWE Battleground 2016 Match Predictions - WWE Battleground is an annual pay-per-view which means an event of WWE where matches for almost all championships are fought. Battleground 2016 is fourth installment in Battleground series of PPV of WWE. Earlier It used to be held in august of every year but now it is shifted to July month of every year. This year's battleground is gonna be held at 24th July 2016. In this post we have described our predictions for matches going to happen in this year's battleground ppv. You can check WWE Date and venue Post for more information.

WWE Match predictions for Battleground 2016

1) John Cena VS. AJ Styles Rematch

John cena and Aj styles had a match at money in the bank pay per view in which AJ Styles won after interference from Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. It was a legend vs legend kind of feud.But the results weren't so clear as John cena did AA and was going for the cover but the referee was sleeping And after interference, AJ Style Won. So to justify the result , We think there will be rematch of these two at the Battleground 2016 and John Cena should be winning to make money in the bank feud fair.

2) Match For US Championship : Alexander Rusev VS. Titus O' Neil

Again this match at the money in the bank ppv but as Titus O' neil being perfect opponent for the rusev for US  championship and feud going on between the two. There is much higher possibility that these two will compete at the battleground 2016 for the United States Championship. Inthe money in the bank, Rusev got the win after going with Accolade. Let's happen some twist at the battleground 2016 :)

3) Tag Team Cahmpionship : The New Day VS. The wyatt family

After fatal four way tag team match happened at the previous ppv, The new day managed to keep the tit;e to themselves.Big E. Langstan and Kofi kingston both have Double count for the tag team finisher which is very good move. On the other hand , Luke Harper And Eric Rowan will form the tag team and will fight against the New day in the battleground 2016 taht's what we predict.

4) Seth Rollins VS. Dean Ambrose for wwe world heavyweight title

Previously on the money in the bank, there was a match between Seth rollins and Roman Reigns for the championship, Roman reigns hit seth rollins with a spear but the referee was too slow to count. And After that Seth Rollins hit roman reigns a pedigree and covered for the pin, the win and the WWE World heavyweight title. Then Dean ambrose came from behind and hit him with dirty deeds and covered to win the title. Earler WWE anounced triple threat match between Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose for the belt. But then, Roman reigns was deprived from wrestling for one month. And hence we predict there will be match between these two for the title.

5) Sheamus VS. Apollo crew

The feud between these two is growing. In one match one wins while other wins in the other. Apollo crew won in the match happened at the money in the bank so there is possibility of two doing a rematch at the battleground.

6) WWE Women's Championship Match: Charlotte (c) vs. Sasha Banks

Just as they're skipping the triple threat for SummerSlam and doing that here instead, it looks like Sasha Banks will be getting her shot at Charlotte at Battleground. And, just as I said for the triple threat match.

That was it for match predictions for the wwe battleground pay-per-view 2016.You can discuss more in comment section below.

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WWE Battleground 2016 Date And Venue Announced

Battleground 2016 Date and venue - WWE Battleground (2016) is an upcoming PPV (pay per view) event of WWE which is World Wrestling Entertainment. WWE battleground 2016 is fourth pay per view in battleground chronology while first battleground event sonce brand extension of WWE and since introduction of WWE network.It will be the 7th pay per view and first after money in the bank 2016.

WWE Battleground is a professional wrestling event produced by the WWE, a Connecticut–based promotion, and broadcast live and available through pay-per-view (PPV). The event was established in 2013, debuting in October on WWE's pay-per-view calendar. In 2014, the event moved to the July slot of WWE's pay-per-view calendar.

When and where is Battleground 2016? - Date and Venue

Battleground 2016 date is announced by the WWE that is it is going to take place on 24th July 2016.
While the venue or place for this year's battleground ppv is decided at Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.

This year's battleground is going to feature most of the current WWE superstars like Roman reigns, John cena, AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Seth rollins, etc. Also on the monday night raw, after the money in the bank pay per view it was announced that a triple threat match for WWE World heavyweight championship will be held on battleground between Dean Ambrose, Roman reigns and Seth Rollins. We think that the new day being the tag team champions they also may be participating in the pay-per-view. Also on the coming feuds, all eyes will be there on superstar roster. We will stay you updated about the matches announcing later. Make sure to keep checking this site.

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